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Lucie Bellemare My name is Lucie Bellemare, and I live in Quebec, Canada. I have been a serious Elton John fan since 1985. I knew him before, but mainly through early 80’s hits such as Empty Garden, Blue Eyes and I’m Still Standing. When I heard the song Nikita, I wanted to learn more about him. What got me hooked was the story of his life up until the release of 21 at 33 (in 1980) as told by French author Jean-Fran├žois Bouquet. This book was written from a fan’s point of view, and inspired me to start listening to everything I could put my hand on. Around that time, a friend let me borrow a tape of his Greatest Hits. That was it. My fate was sealed. I fell in love with his music, and I was fascinated by his persona. Since then, I’ve collected innumerable items, books, records, and other Elton John related memorabilia, been to numerous concerts, and sang along thousands of times while listening to his albums. ­čÖé

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