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Lyrics to the song Planes

Planes is an Elton John song that was released as a B-side in 1975 and appears on the Rare Masters double album. You can read part of the lyrics below. This is a really good song, and an incredibly great album, full of great rare tracks and B-sides.
Definitely a must-have.


Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the album Rare Masters

Oh Jessie I’d like to be
One of those men upon the screen
With an elegant lady and a cafe in Paris
Serving Pernot and Kalua with cream

And oh Jessie won’t you look at the planes
Tell me, oh Jessie, is it true what they say
There’s a capital G in the name of the game
And the runway’s a home for my silver-red plane

© 1975

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