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There are hundreds, thousands or, who knows, millions of Elton John sites on the net. I have listed here a few of the most interesting, arranged by categories. This site is meant to be comprehensive, but of course, the Internet is an ever changing place, and many sites are created or deleted every single day. If you would like to see your site listed,
feel free to submit it to the directory. If you know of a site that is not listed here, . Don't hesitate to send me your comments about any aspects of this website.

If you have questions about Elton, please visit the Elton John FAQ.

I have been a serious Elton John fan since 1985. I knew him before, but what got me hooked was the story of his life up until the release of 21 at 33 (in 1980) as told by French author Jean-Fran├žois Bouquet. It was written from a fan's point of view, and incited me to start listening to everything I could put my hand on. Since then, I've collected innumerable items, books, records, and other Elton John related memorabilia.

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