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This is now an Elton John Blog

Well, EltonLinks.com used to be mainly a directory of Elton John links. However, there are hundreds, thousands and even millions of Elton John sites on the net. And of course, the Internet is an everchanging place, and many sites are created or deleted every single day. So I have decided to transform this website into a blog about my experience being an Elton John fan. I will write album and book reviews here and there, but I will also talk about the little things that spice up a fan’s life. 🙂This is now an Elton John Blog

I have converted the old HTML website into a WordPress blog for ease of use. I also refreshed the Elton John FAQ and the Links Directory. I had started this adventure by creating a website on the free Geocities platform when it came out in the mid-90s. Ordinary people could create free websites about almost anything they wanted. This free website community was divided into sub-domains called neighborhoods that were in fact themes that matched the subject you wanted to write about. I had chosen the Hollywood neighborhood to host my site. After all, Elton has his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Plus, there was no music-specific neighborhood yet when I created my site, so Hollywood was the best match for a celebrity fan site.

The Geocities platform made it easy to build a website, even though very few people had ever done it before. We were all learning on the job, so to speak, and it was a lot of fun! There was a very limited amount of websites on the Internet back then, especially compared to today’s infinity, so I started listing Elton John sites as I was finding them, then sorted them into categories after a while. I then decided to buy my own domain name in July 2000, and moved my Elton John Links Directory to a web host.

Now, after several years of not updating my site, I have decided to give it a much needed facelift and to bring it back to life, but with a focus on blogging about Elton. I hope you will like the articles that I will write in the future. I invite you to subscribe to my Elton John Blog newsletter in the top right corner to get informed of new posts as they are published. Feel free to share your comments below!

Updated: March 21, 2017 — 3:58 pm
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